History of the Young Breeders Competition

The original idea for Young Breeders Competition was born in Germany, more particularly in the Hanoverian Studbook. Some twenty years ago, Dr. Ludwig Christman wanted to involve the youth more intensively in breeding matters. His idea was warmly welcomed and soon young breeders associations were founded in all regions of the German studbooks. Nine years ago, the regional contests resulted in a national young breeders competition in Germany.

The ideas about the International Young Breeders Competitions are to bring young breeders together across breeding associations, countries, and languages. They are going to compete in five disciplines, but above all, the aim is to get together, make new friends, and create new contacts. This overall aim already seems to be fulfilled. Many contacts have been made and the young breeders have begun to use their new network for instance by visiting each other.

In 2001, the Hanoverian Studbook was again the first to organize a higly qualitative but also amusing international young breeders competition. The competition took place on occasion of the European Dressage Championships in Verden. Belgium, Denmark, The Netherlands, Poland as well as 12 German breed associations participated.

In 2003, the Belgian Warmblood Studbook (BWP) took the responsibility to organize the second edition of this competition, under the recognition of the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses. In Minderhout, Belgium, the first non-Europian team joined the competition. The participation of the Canadian Warmblood Horse Breeders Association team emphasized the worldwide interest of young breeders for horsebreeding


Dr. Ludwig Christmann, one of
the founders of young breeders activities.